Rules in

Strictly forbidden in:

  • Posting, working on, selling or buying work or products that are against the law
  • Posting, working on, selling or buying work or products that contain SARA
  • Abuse copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights or other party’s property or rights of publicity or privacy
  • Make agreements outside related to projects by offering transactions directly, such as transferring directly to worker/freelancer accounts without going through accounts
  • Negotiating fees or providing free services to other users, before, during or after the project is done
  • Creating multiple accounts or fake accounts
  • Giving false responses, Giving negative or unhealthy criticism, Giving excessive or demeaning comments to others
  • Engage in fraudulent acts committed by other users or by third parties
  • Divulge obtained information or documents, unless required by law or given authority
  • Cancel the project when the worker/freelancer has started work or while the work is running, can only be done through arbitration
  • Copy, display, modify, distribute, produce, authorize, transfer, or resell any content, products or services obtained from this site
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