What is is a place for online transactions (offering projects and looking for projects) between talenthunters (employers/service users) and geotalents/workers/freelancers, especially Indonesian Freelancers (workers/experts). also provides a place for product/digital product sales transactions between sellers (product sellers) and buyers (product buyers). is the first online marketplace in the world for geo and energy sectors that combines project transactions and product sale and purchase transactions. acts as a “Mediator, Facilitator and Guarantor” so that a win-win working relationship occurs between talenthunters (employers/service users) and geotalents/workers/freelancers and also buyers and sellers.

To increase user convenience, the “Services” feature is available. Through service now worker/seller can promote their expertise in project creation for a particular job. Buyers are getting easier to get a digital product that really suits their needs. The owner also makes it easier to create the projects he needs.

What offer? offers a marketplace business concept that is able to answer the challenges faced by geoscientists in job search by offering:

  • Job Done Guarantee or Money Back
  • Product Quality Assurance
  • Instant Payment
  • Support team
  • Wide and Easy Access
  • Keeping track of all parties
  • Fair Working Climate
  • Have a Team of Law to Resolve Possible Disputes
  • Save Cost
  • Managed by Professionals
  • Guaranteed Data Security


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