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    Various fields related to disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, and others

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    All geoscience activities related to the mining sector

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    All about renewable energy which consists of solar, wind, geothermal energy and others

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    All geoscience activities from the exploration stage to development in the oil and gas business

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    Geoscience category related to buildings and near surface

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    Geoscience activities are related to application development, machine learning, and data analysis

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    Categories relating to groundwater exploration and development

  • Looks for the categories that suit your needs

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Geoseeker is a sociotechno-startup that guides and help geoscience community to create career opportunity, and provide quality education toward future sustainable target.

An employeer is the one who has project and looking for a freelancer, on the other hand, a Freelancer is the one who is hired by the employer to do their projects.
As an employer, you can provide a project/job. As a freelancer, you can search the projects and earn money.

Yes, it is. Every account can role as both type (employer and freelancer) in one registration

Every account can switch their account type by clicking swich account on the right top of your profie account.

It takes one working day to verify your account once you complete the registration process

Please make sure that you already upload your identity document (KTP, SIM, KITAS or passport. Student ID also accepted) on the Identity verification section, we will verify your account once you completed the document.


Talenthunter is employer or user who provide projects.

Every client can recruit freelancer by posting a job for FREE. Beside that, there is Chat & Hire feature to recruit freelancer directly. Geoseeker also provides complete & easy service packages with selected & recommended freelancer.

Making a job posting in geoseeker is very easy. Just click Post Job & follow the steps accompanied with simple guide to direct the process of your job posting.


Geotalent is freelancer who looking for projects.

The registration process at Sribulancer is easy, fast & 100% free of charge. You just need an active email address & you can immediately register yourself with few easy steps Here.

Geoseeker works for Geotalents by bringing together workers with clients who need certain skills & abilities. With geoseeker online platform, all job process from job posting, recruiting, work progress until finish, is well managed by our geoseeker online system.

Fill your bank transfer details on Payout Settings section, then click “withdraw now” on your dashboard.

Please make sure that you already fill the back account details such as Bank Name, Back Account Name, and Back Account Number on Payouts Settings (Settings → Payouts Settings)

Geotalent can attach any supporting documents that related to the projects, such as proposal or your CV.

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